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drilling bentonite clay
Product name : drilling bentonite clay

Model Number : 2011122219564

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bentonite Drilling Mud
1.bentonite drilling mud feature:
1)high-quality bentonite
2)high viscosity
3)good lubricity
4)API and OCMA standard
2.bentonite drilling mud detailed description:
Bentonite drilling mud is a very good lubricant. It is mainly used for petroleum geological drilling, power station, dam prevent penetration and city pipe jacking construction use. And can lubrication drill pipe and drill, remove debris, forming a strong and impermeable thin mud wall.
1) Bentonite drilling mud is used for oil and gas well drilling and civil-engineering, etc
2) Bentonite drilling mud is widely used in the water mud, which has good lubricity and suspension property, it can be used to avoid rock-falling, collapse, and function in repairing the leakage.
3) Bentonite drilling mud is used as viscosifier and filtration control agent for water based Mud Systems;
4) Bentonite drilling mud is used for controlling borehole stability;
5) Bentonite drilling mud is widely used in construction, coating, fireproof, waterproof, heat preservation and special coating etc.
3.bentonite drilling mud storage:
Store in closed original packing at ambient temperature and protect from humidity
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